EVASIMIN is a fashion designer, fashion illustrator and creative free spirit. As the child of a Persian father and a German mother, she was born interculturally. Inspired by her travels, during which she got to know life in Paris, L.A., New York and Italy, she has been bringing her cosmopolitanism and sensitivity for other people, cultures and traditions to the outside world since 2020 with her lifestyle brand EVASIMIN. Colours play a key role in this.


Because for Evasimin, colours express everything that distinguishes us as individuals: Colours reflect our feelings, are an expression of who we are - or maybe just want to be. Colours are our mouthpiece when we don't speak and our cover when we seek protection. Colours are as diverse as each one of us and for that very reason mean something different to each of us. The world of colours is the world of EVASIMIN.


Evasimin discovered the urge to create when she was young and especially in times of crisis. In the darkest moments, when stress and chaos threatened to overwhelm her, Eva found peace and balance in the creative process. A clear and reduced line management, which still characterises her illustrations today, gave her orientation. Whereas strong colours gave her courage and confidence. The results are unique illustrations that express unadulterated moments and feelings. Releasing blockades.


In July 2020, Eva opened her own studio and lifestyle brand in the middle of Frankfurt's Nordend, where she sells her fashion illustrations as well as jewelry from Bazaar Dreams, handmade curvy candles and biodegradable phone cases. The jewelry selection Evasimin bought from an Iranian trader to support him in Corona times. In addition, another 10% of the proceeds go to the FeM Mädchenhaus in Frankfurt, a refuge for young girls in need.


Come and visit Eva in her studio.

She looks forward to seeing you!