Eva Ingrid Simin Bierwirth is a fashion designer, born, raised and based in Frankfurt, Germany. As the child of a Persian father and German mother she was very early on exposed to a variety of languages and developed an interest in exploring and a sensitivity for understanding different cultures. 

In light of the current pandemic Eva Simin has been manufacturing face masks for everyday use.

Handmade in Frankfurt, by the designer herself and 2 additional tailors, her statement piece, the EVASIMIN “Community Mask” is designed to combine comfort and style with utility, as an item that is both practical and fashionable. Created with the thought in mind, of what would be most useful to herself and others, the “Community Mask”  is available in a changing series of limited editions works with a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from in a material world of bamboo-based silk satin to mercerized cotton with water-repellent taffeta, in order to raise awareness of the need to protect oneself others and to show that the safety of oneself and others mustn’t come at the price of personal comfort and style.

10 percent of all proceeds are donated to support the relief action of her father and uncle, working to support the infected people in Mashad, Iran with food packages.

 During her fashion design studies from 2015 - 2019 at AMD Hamburg, she won the 2017 Candiani Denim menswear selvage denim design contest, and interned at the Row in New York, working in the Knits & Sweaters department, which resulted in her Fall 2020 Collection, SALUTOGENESE. 

 Since then, Eva Simin has worked as a designer for the Danish house of by Malene Birger, under the creative direction of Mathilde Torp Mader. 

Since April 2020 she is based in Frankfurt working on her upcoming outerwear collection, the MASK EDITIONS, and illustrations in her studio, which she opened in July in the middle of Frankfurts Nordend.

Her signature style is characterized by the combined use of unique natural and manmade elements, taking inspiration from the stone and mineral world, and incorporating used materials, such as rotten plastic or misplaced and outdated family items, like children's hairclips or her grandmother's jewelry and handbags.
Inspired by her travels during her earlier studies in law, having experienced life in Paris, LA, New York, and Italy, EVASIMIN aims to reflect societies’ needs on the streets between its people and to use fashion as a way to bridge the gap between communities.